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If you are out with your friends or family at a lovely evening and you want to treat them with delicious fast, health and delicious food, then Subway is the name that quickly strikes your mind. Subway is quite famous all over the world for its tasty and unique fast food dishes. Especially for those who like to eat sandwiches. Subway is a chain of fast food restaurants that are widely popular in the United States and Canada. Subway was founded in 1965 at Bridgeport, Connecticut, U. S. by Fred DeLuca and Peter Buck. The inspiration behind Subway’s name is the sandwiches that are served at their place. These sandwiches look like submarines and are called as Subs. At the moment Subway has more than 44000 locations all over the world. The most iconic items sold at Subway are Subs, wraps, salads and baked goods. In this post, we will talk about MySubwayCard, which is a unique Reward system for regular visitors.

You can use My Subway Card to register and access your Subway Gift Cards. Customers can send these Gift Cards to their family members, friends or colleagues on various occasions like birthdays, festivals or anniversaries. If you have recently got your gift card, then you have to register it at before accessing it. Here you can register, activate, manage and check the balance of your Subway Gift Cards. MySubwayCard balance feature allows you to check the balance of the gift cards. Customers can earn subway rewards points when they make purchases using gift cards.

What Is the Subway Gift Cards?

Subway allows customers to use its valuable gift cards, and in return, it rewards cards by giving the rewards points. You get a Subway point whenever you go to subway restaurant and buy a meal which includes sub and few drinks.  subway Customers can get free chips, drinks and much more if they collect enough reward points. If you are a regular customer of subway then they offer free meals and discount coupons every month. With appropriate points, customers can also get free sandwiches. Subway Gift Cards are electronic cards that are used at any of the Subway outlets to pay for the meals. You can receive any special offers on your Subway Gift Cards. You will earn Subway points worth $50 at the moment you register for the first time. You can send this gift card to anyone to let them enjoy the fresh meals. You can load the amount up to $500 in you Subway Gift Cards, and you can reload them at any moment. Customers don’t have to worry about the expiry date of the card.

Customers can access the information related to their gift cards on the portal, and there are quite benefits of using it. Customers can manage their gift cards and can also check the balance online. MySubwayCard Sign Up is must step to take advantage of this web portal. This site will also keep you updated with the latest offers and deals.

Do you know what is the best thing about Subway Card? You just have to register for a card once and add some balance into it. So finally when you are hungry, you can enter into Subway, buy your favorite sub and do the checkout using that Subwaycard, you don’t have to carry your wallet every time. The plus point of having Mysubwaycard is, they regularly launch new offers which are exclusive for card users only, offers like Buy 1 Get 1 Free, 50% off, Festival offers, etc bonuses especially for cashless subway card users.

How to Register Into MySubwayCard?

MySubwayCard is an online web portal that allows the customers who hold a special card of Subway to register, activate, manage and check the balance of their gift cards online. Customers can also reload their cards. With each use of the gift card, the customer can earn reward points. These reward points can be used to get free items like drinks, chips or even sandwich at their place. Signing up is necessary to access your My Subway Card.

If you want to load a few bucks on your MySubwayCard, then all you need to do is, open their web portal and then add the money directly and checkout via debit card or credit card. In case if you don’t have any cards then you locally go any Subway restaurants and tell them to load the money in your card.


  1. Visit from your PC or Smartphone.
  2. Click on the button of ‘‘Register a Card’’ and you’ll be redirected to the Sign Up page.
  3. Enter the personal details like name, email address, password, mobile number, and your address.mysubwaycard registration
  4. Provide your My Subway Reward Card credentials like your contact info and PIN. Make sure you provide right PIN because that’s the only way they will verify you.
  5. Click on the ‘’Submit’ button after finishing the form.


  1. For the activation of the card, visit from any device.
  2. Click on the “My Cards” button and you’ll be redirected to a login portal.
  3. Once you visit the login page, all you have to do is provide the My Subway Card credentials like username and password. If you forget your credentials then you can reset it anytime you want.Mysubwaycard login portal
  4. After that, you finally click on the “Submit” button and your login process will end. You can now check your account.
  5. So now basically whenever you buy a meal at Subway restaurant, you have to visit the, log in with your credentials and enter the pin or code which will be provided on your bill. When you will submit that, you will earn free points. Once the points are enough, you will get a free meal or discount coupons online which can be redeemed at the restaurant.

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Subway has been serving a great variety of delicious fast food for over 50 years now. Subway also wants you to take advantage of its MySubwayCard so that you’ll be able to enhance your experience of eating fast and fresh food at Subway restaurant. With portal like My Subway Card, you can register, activate and manage your gift cards online. The main advantage of using subway card is they always provide discounts on every purchase because you are a regular and valuable customer. The reason why subway has to introduce this card because they want to make their billing system faster and using this card it will help them to handle customers when there is a big line especially on weekends. And each time you use gift cards, you’ll be rewarded with specific Subway points. These reward points can be used to get free items at any restaurant that is operated by their brand. You can get the latest information about deals on the meals through the notification. You can give these gift cards to your friends and family members on important occasions like birthdays and festivals. Every customer who regularly eats at Subway should take advantage of the Subway Gift Cards. If you face any issues while signing up for subway card then please let us know using the comment section or contact us page and we will try our best to help you.

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