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When you look at any article of sports with a swoosh symbol on it, the name of Nike comes to your mind. Nike and its classic swoosh logo are recognized by even those who aren’t into sports. 21st century’s sports history is incomplete without the mention of Nike company. The global sports industry is rapidly growing in this century, and it’s worth billions of dollars. Nike is the brand that is a leader in the global sports market today. This industry not only entertains millions of people across the globe but also employs millions who are involved in it. The multinational brands like Nike want to improve the experience of their customers by selling them the best quality products on the market. That’s why they are conducting MyNikeVisit-na Customer Satisfaction Survey to collect and study the feedback received from the customers.

My Nike Visit User Survey

The sports industry is dominated by competitive brands that are continuously innovating to stay relevant in the market. Footwear, apparel, and accessories are the industries connected with the sports industry. Satisfaction of customers holds immense importance in this field because best quality goods offer the best experience during the game. This is the reason Nike is giving a chance to its loyal customers to participate in the MyNikeVisit-na Customer Satisfaction Survey, to collect the valuable insights from them and win a $5 Nike coupon.

Who Is Conducting This Survey?

In the history of sports, not only the prominent players but also brands hold a likely place. Nike is one of those globally recognized companies that have made their mark in the history. It is an American multinational corporation that is involved in the marketing and sales of footwear, clothes, sports equipment and accessories. It’s popularly known for the iconic sports shoes it produces. The company has its corporate headquarters in Washington County, Oregon, U. S. survey

The company was founded by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight in 1964. From 1964 to 1971, it was known by the name of Blue Ribbon Sports. It was renamed to Nike Inc. in 1971. Nike, the name of the company, is inspired by the Greek goddess of victory. Today Nike has over 74000 employees and is valued at 29.6 billion dollars, which makes it the most valued brand in the sports businesses like Football shoes, Cricket, Basketball and many more. Nike sponsors high-profile players and sports teams globally. It is recognized by its “Just Do It” trademark and the classic Swoosh logo.

How to Enter into Survey?

If you are a professional or an amateur athlete, who prefers to buy quality sports accessories specially from Nike store, then you shouldn’t miss this Nike survey. Nike isn’t limited to only athletes; it sells footwear, apparel, goods  and other things too! You should help Nike in improving their product quality and services and participating in the survey is the way to do that, let them know how you had an experience with their product. If you are regular Nike customer, you feedback will be always on the top because the care more about their regular customer who help them to improve the quality of their product. Your feedback will be sent to them through it and will be analyzed by the management to find out the drawbacks. If they find out anything bad with their products they will start working on it. It will help them to find out the possible solutions to overcome them as soon as possible. Customers can also win a valid $5 Nike Coupon upon the completion of the survey. You must follow the rules and instructions that are provided to you before you participate in it.

mynikevisit-na Customer Satisfaction Survey


Prize Nike Gift Card Worth $10
Purchase Required? Yes
Valid For Online Purchases? Yes
Valid For In-Store Purchases? Yes
Entry Limit 1 per 14 days
Gift Card Valid For 1 Year


  1. You have to be 18 years of age or older to enter into survey.
  2. You must take survey within the 60 days of purchase as it expires after that.
  3. You can not trade it for the cash.
  4. You can use it only for a one single time.
  5. This survey is valid for only in-person orders which are done from Nike official store.
  6. You can win only one gift coupon at a time.
  7. You can use this coupon only once, if you do it again then you won’t be able to redeem it.


  1. Visit any Nike store in person and make a purchase there.
  2. You must visit in person as online or phone orders are not eligible.
  3. Save your receipt that is given to you after the purchase.
  4. Visit from your PC or Smartphone with an active Internet connection.
  5. Insert the information that is asked and the start the survey. You have to enter all your contact details and main code given on the bill.
  6. Answer all the questions that are asked to you during the survey.
  7. At the end, you will be rewarded with a $5 Nike Coupon which you can redeem it anytime at their store or online purchase.
  8. You must use the coupon within next 60 days or it will expire.

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Nike has become an inseparable name from the sports industry. Even big sports players like Ronaldo and Messi promote their brands. The company has been serving millions of its customers, professional or amateur athletes from all over the world for more than 50 years now. Customers can purchase the best quality footwear, sports equipment at any of  Nike’s stores. Today the company generates revenue of billions of dollars. Customers get satisfied when they see the classic Swoosh logo on their product, that’s the global reputation of Nike. You should participate in this MyNikeVisit-na survey to help your favorite brand grow even more.

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