Kroger Feedback – Customer Satisfaction Survey

The retail store’s industry has a lot of top players competing in the market. Kroger is one such brand that has been in this industry even before it was an industry. It’s been more than 134 years since the Kroger was founded. When any customer visits a retail store, he expects to get the best product at the lowest price. Customers also hope to get offers or discounts on the products. That’s why the large retail stores make sure that their loyal customers the best quality products at the most affordable price. The top brands like Kroger, Belk or Walmart regularly organize mega-sales where customers get goods at little cost. The company is conducting KrogerFeedback survey to receive genuine response from the customers and improve the services.

Kroger Feedback - Customer Satisfaction Survey

In the past 60-70 years, the retail industry has changed a lot. The emergence of supermarkets, discount stores or large retail stores has wholly revolutionized our way of shopping. The industry is evolving at an exponential speed. Shopping at any supermarket today is entirely different from what it was 50 years ago. Technological advancements are helping the industry to test innovations that will make our experience of purchasing more comfortable and will also help the staff of the stores to handle the load. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the global retail industry is worth trillions of dollars. This industry alone gives employment to millions of people.

But here is a thing, success in this extremely competitive industry depends on how good you are at keeping your customers satisfied. If you are not good at meeting the needs of your customers, then it’s impossible to remain on the market. That’s why companies organize surveys to know if their customers are satisfied or not. Customers can give the feedback to the company by participating in the survey, that will be analyzed by the management of the company to find out the flaws in the services. You can enter in the Kroger Feedback to offer your feedback. Kroger Feedback customer satisfaction survey should be used by every customer who prefers to shop at Kroger stores.

Who Is Conducting This Survey?

Kroger is one of the largest retail store chains in the world. It is United States’s largest supermarket chain regarding revenue and second largest general retailer in the U. S. The company was founded by Bernard Kroger in 1883 at Cincinnati, Ohio, U. S. This company is also known to be the third largest private employer in the USA. Currently, Kroger is operating 2778 supermarkets and departmental stores in the country. The company has its corporate headquarters situated in Cincinnati, Ohio. Kroger operates mainly in 34 states in the country. These stores include hypermarkets, supermarkets, and departmental stores. The company runs several food processing and manufacturing facilities across the nation.

Kroger Feedback Customer Satisfaction Survey

The company also operates supermarket fuel centers and pharmacies. Back in the old days, the company was started by Bernard Kroger with his savings of $372. Kroger had a motto that he always put into practice – “Be particular. Never sell anything to your customers that you would not want for yourself.” Kroger was an industrious man; he always tried to test new methods into his business. For instance, he decided to make his products, like bread, so the customers of the store wouldn’t have to visit any other shop for that. By the 1930s, the company became the first chain of stores to test the quality of products and foods offered to customers.

The company currently has given employment to almost 443,000 employees. Making it one of the largest employers in America. Last year, they generated revenue of $122 billion. The company makes sure that they give almost every type of item that their customers would need and wouldn’t have to visit any other place for it. They have organized a customer satisfaction survey through The best thing i found is if you computer this survey, then you can receive survey special 50 fuel points. These points are available only for those who’ve recorded their feedback on the official site.

How to Enter Into Krogerfeedback Customer Satisfaction Survey?

Kroger has been serving millions of customers daily for over a hundred years now. They are a big brand in the North American retail stores industry. They have hundreds of supermarkets, store, pharmacies and manufacturing units in several states. These places are giving employment to hundreds of thousands of people of all financial and cultural background. The company operates in various industries like food products, jewelry, grocery items, dairy products, pharmaceutical products and bakery goods. The company makes sure all their customers should get anything they want under one roof so that they don’t have to visit any other place to purchase any item that is not available at Kroger store. Kroger makes sure that they are sticking to the right, old motto of their founding father, Bernard Kroger.

Kroger Feedback Survey

If you are someone who wants quality products at the most affordable price, then Kroger is the place for you. You shouldn’t miss the chance to shop at their home. They offer almost everything under one roof at the lowest price. They make sure that the products you purchase at their stores are good. If you want to help them by offering them your valuable feedback, then the Kroger Survey is the way to do it. You can visit to participate in the survey and win free 50 fuel points. Before you enter into the survey, you must make sure that you follow all the rules and instructions that are provided to you by the company.

You have to offer your honest answers to the questions that will be asked of you during the survey, and your honest answers will be helpful to them. All the feedbacks that are offered by the people will be analyzed to find the faults that exist in the services and products at Kroger. Eventually, solutions can be formulated to overcome these problems. The customers can win a $5000 Kroger Gift Card as a grand prize after entering into the sweepstakes, or they can get a $100 Gift Card as first prize.


  1. You must a have a purchase receipt from your recent visit to any Kroger store.
  2. You must be be 18 year of age, or older in order to enter into sweepstakes.
  3. You must be a legal resident of any of the 50 states of U.S. and District of Columbia.
  4. The above states don’t include Florida, New York and Rhode Island.
  5. Employees, officers, immediate family members of employees of Kroger are not eligible to enter into the sweepstakes.
  6. Purchasing more items will not increase your chances of winning.


  1. There are two ways to enter into the survey-online or through mail.
  2. You must have a PC or Smartphone with an internet connection.
  3. Visit from your device.
  4. You’ll be required to provide survey code that is printed on your cash receipt.
  5. You’ll be asked to provide additional details like date and time printed on your receipt and name of the store.
  6. Enter into the survey
  7. Answer all the question honestly asked during the survey.
  8. You’ll be asked to provide your name, address and telephone number.
  9. Online entries must be received by the last day of Entry Period to become eligible to enter into the sweepstakes.KrogerFeedback Survey Instructions

By Mail

You can enter into the sweepstakes through mail. You need to hand print details like your name, address and contact number on a postcard and mail it to this address- Customer Survey Monthly Sweepstakes, PMI Station, PO Box 3547, Southbury, CT 06488-3547.

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Kroger wants to know what their customers think about the brand, the services that are offered by the company or the goods that are sold at their places. Kroger Survey is a way to know that customers are willing to help their brand by offering valuable feedbacks. These feedbacks will be collected through the survey, and later, the management will analyze them to find out the flaws that exist in their services. This analysis will allow them to come up with practical solutions to the problems they are facing. Improved services mean satisfied customers. Satisfied customers help to spread the right word around about the company, that attracts new customers. If you want to promote your favorite brand, then you must participate in the survey.


Kroger is giving you an opportunity to win exciting prizes like $5000 or $100 Gift cards. You will be able to save a lot on your grocery expenses if you win those prizes by taking a small KrogerFeedback Survey. That’s why you shouldn’t miss this golden chance to help your favorite to improve themselves. Because to stay in this harsh market you have to make sure that they are satisfied with the services they get, the products they are buying at your place.

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